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Villa Casdagli

Villa Casdagli

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During a factory visit in 2018, Jeremy Casdagli discovered Don Olman's "mejorado" (improved) process at what is now Tabacos de Costa Rica. Many of the tobaccos he imports undergo an additional fermentation period of up to four months in the "pilon." Though demanding in both time and labor, this process further enriches the tobaccos.

The Villa Casdagli Line blends feature tobaccos subjected to this "mejorado" process from Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Peru. These complex cigars represent some of our boldest offerings, boasting a rich body—a fitting homage to the magnificent and exotic Villa Casdagli in Cairo.

The Pigasus size is a unique vitola, being a figurado. The head of the cigar measures 54 RG and tapers to 58 RG to the foot. A unique experience.

Corona Gorda: 5.6" x 46 RG

Robusto: 5" x 52 RG

Lonsdale: 7" x 42 RG

Toro: 6" x 54 RG

Pigasus: 5" x 58 RG


Country of Origin: Costa Rica

Wrapper: Ecuador

Binder: Ecuador

Filler: Dominican, Ecuadorian, Nicaraguan, Peruvian


Boxes of 12 Cigars.


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