The Villa Casdagli Robusto

The Villa Casdagli Robusto


The Villa Casdagli blend was first rolled out at the 2021 TPE trade show as a tweak of “The Daughters of the Wind” blend. The name pays homage to the epic home in Cairo of Emmanuel and Maria Casdagli.

The Villa Casdagli line is produced at Tobacos de Costa Rica S.A..


The Robusto stands at 5 inches x 52 RG. In my opinion the cigar is medium in strength, medium-full in flavor. A multi-national fuller blend of Nicaraguan, Dominican, Ecuadorian, and Peruvian tobaccos are used, Peruvian tobacco being Jeremy Casdagli’s favorite tobacco to blend with. Ecuadorian leaf both binds and wraps the bunch. All tobaccos in the blend go through an extra 4 month long fermentation process once received at Costa Rica S.A. before being bunched.


From first light, it is apparent that the Villa Casdagli is going to be a complex flavor bomb. Strong Coffee notes are observed along with baking spice, vanilla, earthiness, and a sweetness that strengthens as the cigar progresses. The second third and final third really shine. The Peruvian filler really gives a different coffee note. Construction is sound throughout.


The Villa Casdagli isn’t a budget smoke by any means, as this Robusto will fetch around 17-18 dollars in the American market. In my opinion, it is worth a try for a unique fuller flavored experience. I fully enjoyed this sample and look forward to the remainder of the box that I have.

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