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XIKAR® VX2 V-cut Cigar Cutter

XIKAR® VX2 V-cut Cigar Cutter

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The new VX2 V-Cut offers ergonomic, one-handed operation utilizing the all new Secure-Lock™ system requiring simultaneous pressure to both side release buttons, easily done with your thumb and index finger. Upon release, the spring-loaded cutter snaps open providing access to a built-in 64RG bowl, simply place the cigar cap in the bowl and press the cutter closed. The precision engineered depth of the VX2 V-Cut maximizes draw without cutting too deep and breaching the cigar cap causing your cigar to unravel. Exquisitely designed and engineered for precision.

-Stainless steel blade
-Cuts up to 64 ring gauge
-deep v-cut
-spring-loaded release
-supported by XIKAR® limited lifetime warranty

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