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XIKAR® Tactical Single-jet Lighter

XIKAR® Tactical Single-jet Lighter

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Inspired by tactical tools and gear, the Tactical Series is designed for durability and optimal performance.
Beneath the crenelated cap, which also functions perfectly as a cigar rest, sits an oversized and powerful 10.0mm single-jet flame system that effectively lights large ring gauge cigars and still accurately applies touch ups. The entire bottom component of the lighter functions as the fuel wheel providing easy fuel adjustments. For added convenience, a pocket clip is integrated into the back for secure carrying.Oversized 10mm single-jet flame for power and accuracy
-Crenelated cap functions as a cigar rest
-Low-profile pocket clip for secure portability
-Contoured body for a secure grip
-EZ-view fuel window for quick readings
-Oversized fuel adjustment wheel for easy flame height adjustments
-Flip-top lid protects burners from debris
-Supported by the XIKAR Lifetime Warranty

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