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Villa Casdagli Peruvita & Nicarita

Villa Casdagli Peruvita & Nicarita

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An interesting experiment is to sample filler tobacco varietals on their own to see how they play into an overall blend. Try the amazing filler tobaccos on their own from the Villa Casdagli line with the Nicarita and Peruvita lines with these amazing short smokes!

Peruvita & Nicarita: 4" x 35 RG



The Nicarita represents the Nicaraguan Esteli Ligero in the Villa Casdagli blend. Being that it is Ligero, it burns slowly for a 30-35 minute smoke, delivering rounded strength to the palate with a warm nutty aroma.


The Peruvita represents the Peruvian Habano Seco that has gone through the second fermentation that the Villa Casdagli blend is famous for. It is a 25-30 minute smoke that delivers sweet richness to the palate with a beautiful floral aroma.


Factory of Production: Tobacos de Costa Rica

Country of Origin: Costa Rica


Bundles of 25 cigars.

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