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Vaultek Biometric LifePod- Project Carbon Edition

Vaultek Biometric LifePod- Project Carbon Edition

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In collaboration with VaultekSafe, we are excited to present the ProjectCarbon Edition, LifePod 1.0! Perfect for traveling, this pod is interchangeable as a cigar humidor and back into a gun safe, similar to VaultekSafe 1.0 LifePod. The pod has 2 latches to keep it airtight and weatherproof, plus it features a 4-digit programmable touch PIN safe or biometric fingerprint ID. A battery is required for this feature, and it also comes with a set of backup keys in case you forget your PIN or if the battery dies.

The advanced polymer shell makes it perfect for travel like camping or in rugged areas and is also TSA compliant for air travel. Inside the pod features a carbon fiber design lid organizer with a pull tab for a pen or PerfecDraw pen, a clear slot for a Boveda 8-gram 2-way humidity pack, a sleeve for a credit card, ID, etc., and 2 bands to hold your lighter and cutter. The Spanish cedar tray features 6 slots for 6 cigars up to 7.75 inches and up to 60 ring gauge cigars, depending on the size of your lighter and cutter.

There is also a removable carry strap that doubles as a cigar stand made of the carbon fiber design. Use the pod any way you like: as a cigar humidor, gun safe, or a safe to carry your valuables. We hope you enjoy this product as we do, and with few moving parts, followed by VaultekSafe's 1-year warranty, we are very happy with the function and quality.

Below are some specs:
- Dimensions Exterior: 10.25" L x 7" W x 2.25" H
- Dimensions Interior: 7.75" L x 6" W x 1.75” H
- Weight: 2 lbs, 3 oz
- Advanced polymer shell for protection
- Weather-resistant seal
- Holds humidity
- Biometric fingerprint ID security lock
- Keypad length code 4-8 digits
- TSA compliant
- Removable leather lid organizer
- Fits 2 accessories, 1 card slot, 1 humid pack slot, pen holder
- Spanish cedar tray with leather Velcro strap
- Fits up to 7.75-inch cigars and up to 60 ring gauge, depending on accessory size
- Removable carry strap doubles as a cigar stand
- 2 removable foam inserts to convert back to gun safe or safe.


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