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Les Fines Lames

Punch Bracelet- 18K Gold by LES FINES LAMES

Punch Bracelet- 18K Gold by LES FINES LAMES

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Meet the PUNCH BRACELET by LES FINES LAMES, the first wearable cigar accessory many were waiting for. The only cigar accessory that will blend seamlessly into your life. The one you will instantly find when you need it, and that is a fashionable bracelet the rest of the time. The stones in the bracelets are rarer than the other lines.  
These bracelets feature a 18K Gold plated section, for those who favor a clean, uniform appearance over years and years of use.

 Onyx Matte- These striking black matte Onyx stones give excellent contrast against the 18K gold plated hardware section.

Lapis Lazuli- Lapis lazuli is a well-known luxurious deep blue stone with golden inclusions, giving each bead a unique beauty, much brighter than the sodalite. 

Carnelian- Mainly present in India, Brazil and Uruguay and highly valued by jewelers, this semi-transparent gemstone has the particularity of being built in the cavities of volcanic rock at low temperature.

Malachite- Adored by jewelers for its brilliant green palette and hypnotizing circular patterns, Malachite stones offer different shades of green, perfectly highlighted in the 8mm beads proposed.

SMALL wrist size: 5.7"-6.4" 

MEDIUM wrist size: 6.5"-7.9" 

LARGE wrist size: > than 8"

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