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Palió Composite Matte Camo Cutter

Palió Composite Matte Camo Cutter

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Crafted for the sophisticated aficionado, Palio is the ideal complement to your finest hand-rolled cigars. Palio cutters are the most comfortable in hand, featuring an ergonomic finger rest and contoured shape. Their super-sharp surgical stainless steel blades, in guillotine setup, slice through cigars easier than a hot knife through butter. Designed with you in mind, Palio cutters won't fail after heavy, repeated use, they can cut 60+ ring gauges, and when laid flat they double as a cigar rest.
* Ergonomically designed for superior control
* Super sharp surgical stainless steel blades
* Finger rests
* Contoured shape
* Composed of state-of-the art engineering polymers
* Designed for heavy, repeated use
* Doubles as a cigar rest when laid flat
* Cuts 60+ ring gauges

Supported by Palió's Lifetime Guarantee!

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