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Los Statos Deluxe/Sancho Panza

Los Statos Deluxe/Sancho Panza Sampler

Los Statos Deluxe/Sancho Panza Sampler

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If you have been wanting to give the brands that Matt Booth has given a revamp to under STG, YOU ARE IN LUCK! We have curated the sizes we think work best for each blend, and put them together for you to SAVE! Give these new classics a spin!

Each Sampler Contains one of each the following:

  • Los Statos Deluxe Full Time Toro
  • Los Statos Deluxe Maduro Toro
  • Los Statos Deluxe Limited Edition 2024
  • Sancho Panza Original Robusto
  • Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Toro
  • Sancho Panza Double Maduro Toro
  • Sancho Panza Limited Edition 2023

Retail= $74

Sampler Price- $63


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