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Complete Villa Casdagli Sampler

Complete Villa Casdagli Sampler

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Usually we like to choose the best vitolas for each blend for our samplers, but in the case of Villa Casdagli, they are ALL good. They have the reviews out there on the interwebs to prove it. As an interesting twist to this sampler, we included the Villa Casdagli Peruvita and Nicarita. These two shorties each contain the different varietals found in the Villa Casdagli filler bunch, allowing you to try them on their own! Try the entire Villa Casdagli line today and SAVE!

  • 1x Robusto
  • 1x Corona Gorda
  • 1x Lonsdale
  • 1x Toro
  • 1x Pigasus
  • 1x Nicarita
  • 1x Peruvita

Retail = $87.20

Sampler Price = $75


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