The Un Nuevo Reino by Alejandro Glez

The Un Nuevo Reino by Alejandro Glez

Cigars are always a focal point when an aficionado travels to Havana, Cuba. Yes, scoring boxes of your favorite puros across the island are an experience one should never miss. However, an experience that is equally as important in my eyes are the “custom”, “farm”, or “house” blends that are offered in LCDHs and hotels that are offered. These cigars usually run half the price of their retail counterparts, and are usually rolled by torcedors who have earned their stripes in the cigar rolling game- so construction is usually spot on.

One of the most famous custom rollers on the Island is Alejandro Glez, also commonly referred to as Alex. Alex and his team have rolled custom smokes at the Hotel Comodoro in Havana for years. Having a Cuban custom roller blend a New World cigar is a fascinating concept- although not a new one, I had to give this cigar a try.

Un Nuevo Reino is a collaboration with MiHavana cigars out of California. The cigars are rolled in Esteli, Nicaragua, but are blended by Alejandro. The Alex line is offered in The Prince(5” x 50RG), The King (6” x 54RG), and The Emperor (7” x 58). I chose to buy a box of The King for this review. The King has a beautiful Habano Claro wrapper. The remainder of the blend is somewhat of a mystery. The cigars are aesthetically beautiful, and double bands are attractive against a Claro wrapper. The construction of the smoke was perfect. The cigar is medium at best in body, but complex. Cream is the predominant note. Absolute cream bomb laced with an array of other flavors drifting in and out.

In my opinion Alex and MiHavana have hit a home run with this cigar. Box worthy. This amazing line of smokes can be purchased directly from . One can expect to pay around the neighborhood of 250-300 for a gorgeous box of 24 cigars on the American market.

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You nailed this review! Agree, this is a fantastic cigar! I still have a handful of these tucked away.


No shot I would have even heard of this cigar if you never put it in the limelight. Awesome mild blend. It has made it’s way into the rotation. Some of the other Mi Havana stuff has just been mediocre at best though.

Grant Webber

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