The Trinidad Coloniales

The Trinidad Coloniales

In a previous entry concerning the Trinidad Vigia, I stated my opinion- that in my mind, Trinidad would be second behind Cohiba as far as being considered a Cuban luxury brand. Well, it seems as that Habanos S.A. Agrees. As we have all seen, market prices for Cohiba and Trinidad have tripled essentially overnight. What a sad time to be alive. Habanos S.A. Is digging their feet into the ground to ensure the fact that when a consumer  now smokes a Cohiba or Trinidad it is a luxury experience. I would have preferred the luxury experience at pre hike prices…. But I digress.


The origin of Trinidad is interesting. Some claim they were first produced in the 1960s is small amounts at the Famous El Laguito factory. Others claim that only Fidel Castro was allowed to hand Trinidad out to Diplomats as gifts. However, Fidel Castro has stated that he only handed out Cohiba. Yep, Sketchy and interesting. Cuba being Cuba, I suppose.


The Coloniales is a “Colonial Carona”, sitting at 5 & 1/4” x 44 RG. The wrappers tend to be on the lighter side, similar to a Connecticut shade in tone. The cap is finished with the typical Trinidad pigtail. Trinidad always delivers in construction, appearance, and quality in my opinion. Sometimes the burn can get wonky in their offerings with a wider RG, but in the Reyes, Coloniales, and Fundadores the burn has been impeccable. The Coloniales is medium in body at most, but usually lie mild-medium. They have a complex profile of floral notes, creaminess, woodiness, vanilla, leather, and some light cedar.


Trinidad makes some amazing cigars, and the Coloniales isn’t an exception. They are approachable for beginners and sophisticated enough for someone who enjoys a more subtle, complex smoke. The only issue I have with them is the current price. A box of 24 can fetch anywhere from 500-700 dollars on the secondary market, which is disgusting.

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