The Tatuaje Mexican Experiment II

The Tatuaje Mexican Experiment II

Back in 2012, Tatuaje dropped a limited run of the original Mexican Experiment in fairly small quantities. In 2019, the company decided to bring back the Mexican Experiment- this time as a regular production cigar that is readily available. The ME II honors the original ME blend and is said to be tweaked slightly with a touch more ligero to kick the blend up a bit. The ME II are rolled under the supervision of My Father Cigars S.A. In Nicaragua.

The ME II is offered in a Robusto, Belicoso, Toro, and Churchill. The sample chosen is a Robusto. The blend of the ME II consists of Nicaraguan fillers and binder, wrapped with a Mexican San Andres (hence the name). The San Andres wrapper has a substantial amount of tooth and is a flat, lighter shade of Maduro. Overall, the cigar does have a rustic appearance due to the toothiness. The band features the Red, White, and Green colors of the Mexican flag. Perfect amount of resistance in the draw. I touched up the cigar a few times, but I can probably chalk that up to OCD.

The ME II surprised me. It sits at about medium in strength and body. Although complexity wasn’t it’s strong point, the flavor profile was rather enjoyable. A good friend told me once- “I don’t mind a one trick pony, as long as it does that trick really well”. That somewhat applies here, but the cigar did develop in spice and body as it went along. Bitter chocolate, a burnt sugar sweetness, black pepper, and creaminess rounded out an enjoyable one hour and 15 minute smoke time.

I would most definitely recommend this cigar to any cigar smoker. The ME II shows what can be done with Mexican San Andres in a more medium type of profile. The price is most definitely right on this cigar as well.

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