The Tatuaje Gran Toro

The Tatuaje Gran Toro

Tatuaje definitely has their legion of followers, and for good reason. They have been cranking out fire blends for 15 years. As any other good line of cigars, the Tatuaje Black Label Private Reserve has a story. While in Cuba, Pete Johnson smoked a variety of cigars. His favorite cigar from that trip was in fact a humble gift from a older gentleman who happened to pass him by. It was that man’s personal cigar, rolled by him after hours at his home for his own enjoyment. Every day the man stopped and gave him the gift, and It stuck with Pete. The gift of a cigar to another is always one that sticks!

Later on while working with the Garcias in Nicaragua, Pete wanted to get to work in creating a tribute to this man’s gift. The Black Label started off as limited editions, but eventually enough leaf was sourced to make them regular production in 2011 due to popular demand. The cigar is rolled at the My Father Cigars factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

The Black Label Gran Toro is the largest offering of the regular production line, standing at 6 & 1/2 inches tall x 52 RG. It is a Nicaraguan Puro, meaning all the elements of the cigar are of Nicaraguan origin. The cigar is draped with a rustic looking Sungrown Criollo wrapper. Some may say the appearance is rough, but something about a rugged looking cigar excites me personally. The simplistic black label is the perfect touch.

Construction on these has been solid in my experience. In a size like the Gran Toro the cigar veers towards a medium bodied experience, while the petit lancero size climbs to a more medium-full. Notes of coffee, cocoa, heavy nougat, and cream are observed with a slight bite of pepper. The cigar picks up the pace of pepper as it burns. Dark Chocolate and chocolate covered raisins are my go to pairing with a cigar like this. Smoke time lasts for 1 hour, 30 minutes.

The Black Label is a classic, reliable Tatuaje blend. It finds it’s way into my basket often when visiting a B&M due to that reliability. In my opinion it’s a great cigar to offer a friend that is new to the Tatuaje brand due to it’s approachability. After all, this cigar is a tribute to that- a gift.
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