The Tatuaje Escasos H

The Tatuaje Escasos H


The vitolas of the Escasos line of Seleccion de Cazadores are each identified by a letter. The six different vitolas spell out “HUNTER”, which is a tribute to Pete Johnson’s dog. “Hunter” is also the translation of the word “Cazador”. The term Cazadores is also claimed in the Old World of cigars by the Romeo y Julieta Cazadores, which coincidentally is a lonsdale comes bundled in foil. The Escasos H is also known as the HC (Havana Cazadores), which i take as a nod to that Old World vitola. **Insert Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind Meme** . Makes me wonder, which came first- the chicken or the egg? The term Escasos translates to “rare”. Seems pretty straightforward, as these cigars are rolled in limited quantity at the My Father El Rey de Los Habanos factory in Miami, Florida.


The Escasos H(C) is a lonsdale, sitting at  6 & 3/8 inches x 43RG. The Escasos blend uses tobaccos of Cuban seed. The bunch uses the cream of the crop from Nicaragua in its binder and filler, and is wrapped with a beautiful Ecuadorian Rosado Habano Claro wrapper. The Escasos is light- medium in body. Notes of Peanut, cream, woodiness, and light pepper are noticed throughout the one hour smoke time. This lonsdale demands that you take your time with it. I noticed that when it was smoked faster the burn would get a little wonky. Also even when smoked slow, touch ups are required.


The Escasos line is my favorite blend from Tatuaje thus far. It is a beautiful, slightly milder take on the original Seleccion de Cazadores (brown label) line. I personally love variety in the world of cigars, but I would be content if I was forced to smoke an Escasos multiple times a week. It is a blend I find myself picking up consistently, and that is the definition of box worthy.

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