The Stolen Throne Call to Arms Robusto

The Stolen Throne Call to Arms Robusto



The Call to Arms Sumatra is the 2nd release from Stolen Throne Cigars. Having enjoyed the Crook of the Crown, I was excited to try the Call to Arms. Lee Marsh of Stolen Throne and Noel Rojas of Rojas Cigars do the blending on this one, with Rojas doing the production out of his factory in Nicaragua. Usually I would opt for the other size offered in this blend, the Carona, but stumbled across a bundle of Robustos and felt that destiny had led me to it.


The Call to Arms Robusto sits at 5 inches x 50 RG. The bunch consists of Nicaraguan binder and filler and is wrapped by a light Maduro colored Sumatra wrapper, which exhibits a substantial amount of tooth. Sumatra leaf as a wrapper is known to smooth out the edges of a blend, and doesn’t overpower the characteristics of other leaf used in a blend. The Sumatra wrapper in my bundle has a full sheen.


The Call to Arms in medium in body in my opinion, and progresses to medium full towards the end of the 1 hour Cigar. The blend really shines. Chocolate is the main note I observed, along with some cream, pepper, bright wood notes, and leather.


Being the second release for Stolen Throne, the Call to Arms does a great job at showcasing that the brand can move laterally in terms of flavor profile, and do it well. The Call to Arms comes wrapped in butcher paper wrapped bundles of 20, which I love because it passes packaging savings along to the consumer. I would recommend the Call to Arms to anyone really. It is not overpowering in strength for the newcomer, and also shows what a good Sumatra wrapper can do in a blend.

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Best Sumatra out there! Period!

Grant Webber

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