The Romeo y Julieta Belicoso

The Romeo y Julieta Belicoso

Romeo y Julieta in my opinion stands in a strange space in the Habanos portfolio. As a legacy Brand, it has plenty of vitolas to choose from. Yet for some reason the Marca is overlooked fairly consistently. The brand has struggled in quality in the past, so it is possible that the reputation has been tarnished somewhat. Also my opinion- since 2019 Romeo y Julieta as a Marca has taken leaps in consistency and quality. All 2019-2022 boxes I have gotten my hands on have been a joy to smoke.


The RYJ Belicoso is a “campana” vitola- standing at 5.5 inches x 52 RG. The tapered head of the vitola allows for a customization of draw to an extent. Romeo y Julieta usually sport an attractive light brown wrapper. My favorite samples of Romeos have this light brown Colorado shade of wrapper accompanied by a pinkish tint. In my opinion, this pinkish tint is when more interesting fruit notes can be observed.


The Classic Romeo profile is medium in body. Traditional flavors such as woodiness, a mild spice, cream, light floral notes, and a cherry like sweetness can be observed throughout the cigar. Specifically to the Belicoso, I have observed a sourdough breadiness that is quite enjoyable. As well with many other Cuban cigars, Romeo y Julieta is best enjoyed with some age. 5 years down will give you an amazing cigar. Recent production has been smoking phenomenally, so buying this box for my personal collection was a no brainer.

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