The Partagas Maduro No.3

The Partagas Maduro No.3

     Havana doesn’t produce many Maduro cigars. So when they do it is a real treat, and a novelty at the very least. Partagas is only the second Cuban marca to sport a Maduro wrapper, with Cohiba being the first. In 2015, Partagas released the Maduro No. 1. In 2018 production began on the Maduro No. 2 & 3. The Partagas Maduro No. 3 is a “Robusto Extra”, weighing in at just under 6 inches long x 50 RG.


The Partagas Maduro line features a darker wrapper than most other Habanos, but it is not as dark as a Maduro wrapper would be from its Ecuadorian or Nicaraguan counterparts. There is some sheen to the wrapper, but also not as oily as a New world maduro.


The Partagas Maduro is medium in both strength and body. It is most definitely not a face kicker, like some New World Maduros can be. Partagas DNA can be observed throughout the smoke. Wood, earth, cocoa, and hazelnut are some things I pick up in the profile. There is a slight sweetness, but it is very faint and is nowhere near the sweetness of a New world Maduro. Supposedly the best rollers in the Partagas factory roll the Maduro line, and the samples I have smoked do not contradict that theory.


The Partagas Maduro line (Cuban maduros in general) are highly sought after and extremely popular. Availability can be scarce. I would recommend the Partagas Maduro line to a smoker who wants a Maduro- but not necessarily a full strength Maduro. A box of 25 No. 3 Maduros can fetch anywhere from 650-750 on the secondary market.

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