The Partagas Culebras

The Partagas Culebras

Personally, one of my favorite things about cigar culture is not only smoking alone and relaxing, but enjoying them with friends. Smoking a Culebras with two buddies is a unique cigar experience that an aficionado shouldn’t miss! Many different brands- both Cuban and Non Cuban produce this novelty shape. But today, we are going to take a look at the Partagas Culebras.

The Culebra was actually invented in the Philippines during the late 1800s! The word “Culebras” translates to “snake”, which I don’t think any explanation is necessary. There are several different theories of the reason of origin of the Culebra vitola. Some people say that cigar makers were only allowed 3 cigars per day, so they started to twist 3 cigars into 1- so that they could take 9 home. Others say that factories only allowed rollers to take one Culebra home- in which the roller would have a tough time selling a twisted cigar on the black market. Other people say it’s purely a novelty.
The Partagas Culebra is made up of 3 panetelas with a 39 RG x 5&7/8 inches. The Panetelas are purposefully under-filled and twisted together sopping wet, so that the wrappers don’t crack during the process.

The Culebras surprisingly burn perfectly in the samples I have tried. The flavor is a classic Partagas profile in a small vitola. It is medium bodied. A straight forward profile of paprika, wood, and earth come through without much evolution throughout the length of the cigar.

The Partagas Culebras each come in a coffin. Boxes usually contain 3 coffins, for a total of 3 Culebras, or 9 Panetelas. One can expect to pay anywhere from 90-140 $ on the secondary market for a dress box of the coffins. This certainly doesn’t make the Culebras a budget smoke, but one that is definitely finely worth trying with friends.
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