The Ozgener Family Cigars Pi Synesthesia

The Ozgener Family Cigars Pi Synesthesia


    Tim Ozgener is the son of the late Cano Ozgener- who was the founder of CAO cigars. When CAO was sold years ago, the Crowned Heads group was spawned from that sale. After a long time away from the cigar industry, Tim Ozgener has returned, donning his family name on a brand which is distributed by Crowned Heads. Full circle indeed. Synesthesia is defined as a blending of the senses, in which one can feel sounds, taste sights, etc. Cano Ozgener had a fascination with the Greek number Pi, and that translated into his art works concerning color. The band of this cigar is modeled after one of his paintings on the subject.


The Pi Synesthesia is a 6 inch x 52 RG Toro. It is part of a Limited Edition with production being limited to 2,500 boxes. Like several other Crowned Heads projects, Tabacalera Pichardo has the production honors. The Pi Synesthesia dons a seamless Ecuadorian Connecticut Wrapper, is binded by an Ecuadorian Habano binder which’s holds Nicaraguan filler leaf.


The profile of the cigar is mild to medium. Notes of hay, nuts, white pepper, and a strong creaminess from the wrapper come through during the hour and 15 minute smoke. The cigar performs well in the construction department, and builds in body throughout the smoke. Very reminiscent of a Cabaiguan from Tatuaje.


At a retail price of 15 $ per cigar, the Pi Synesthesia isn’t quite price friendly. In my opinion, a similar experience can be had with other cigars which are 2/3 the price. It fits the bill perfectly for a larger morning smoke or smoke after a lighter dinner. This cigar is most definitely worth trying for a smoker who enjoys mild-medium New World Connecticut profiles.

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