The Oliva Serie V No. 4

The Oliva Serie V No. 4

The Oliva Family has had their hands in tobacco farming, blending, and brokering for well over a century. Melanio Oliva (who the Serie V Melanio was named after) cultivated tobacco in Cuba as early as 1886! In the early 1920’s Facundo Oliva headed Cuban farming operations. In the Early 1960’s Gilberto Oliva traveled all over central and South America- Honduras, Panama, Mexico, and the Philippines. He settled in Nicaragua to begin the operations as the Oliva cigar company we know today- a huge grower of Cuban seed tobacco in Nicaragua.

The original Serie V blend (sometimes known as OG blend) is a good representation of the brand. It is highly rated, along with Oliva as a brand in general in terms of consistency.

The No.4 is a “petit Carona”, sitting at 5 inches x 43 ring gauge- which puts it at a slightly thicker traditional petit Carona in my opinion. The wrappers are truly seamless and flawless. The Serie V blend is full in body, and it is meant to be. A profile of unsweet chocolate, pepper, and nuts surround a leather and coffee core- while maintaining smoothness in a fuller profile. The thinnest ring gauge available in this blend seems to magnify these flavors- perhaps because of the wrapper to fuller ratio. Well done! But consistency is the name of the game, and Oliva has seemed to be that.

The Serie V No. 4 won’t bust your pocketbook either. Slide lid boxes of 24 can be found from 125-175$ on the American market. In my opinion, for the price it is a worthy box grab to stow away for a full flavored, shorter winter smoke. Also a great cigar to give to friends who want to experience a full bodied cigar.
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