The Montecristo Open Master

The Montecristo Open Master

Montecristo is a Cuban marca that has such a vast portfolio, they can appeal to such a wide range of cigar smokers. Released in 2009, the “Open” series of cigars were released with newer smokers in mind, and some say golfers in particular. What makes a great golf cigar? Hell if I know. The Open series takes aim at a lighter flavor profile, straying away from the classic medium, medium-full bodied standard of the brand.

I approached the Open line with caution after hearing unfavorable reviews on them from palettes that I personally trust. I did have an edge based on the fact that my samples had almost 12 years of age on them. 

The Open Master weighs in at 4.9 inches & 50 RG. The appearance is appealing, the wrapper lighter in color. The blend in my opinion was a little stronger than I was expecting. I would put it right under medium. Notes of almonds, bread, toasted tobacco, and smooth white pepper are the main flavor notes observed throughout the hour long smoke. Flavor didn’t evolve much but was very enjoyable.

The Montecristo Open Master comes in tubes cardboard boxes and boxes of 20 untubed.
One can expect to pay 220-320 dollars on the secondary market for a box of 20. In my opinion there are other cigars in the Montecristo portfolio that deserve your attention before the Open series given price, such as the Edmundo line.
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