The Liga Privada UF-4 2022

The Liga Privada UF-4 2022

Review by: Doug Wallace

This cigar looks the part. It sports a smooth, dark chestnut colored, oily wrapper with a few pronounced veins. The cap is without flaws.



The nose is mostly tobacco and earth with a hint of sweetness I can’t put my finger on.


Cold draw is a little tight, natural tobacco flavor and wrapper sweetness on the palate.


Initial light hits with a full burst of black pepper that carries through the retrohale and finishes with the sweetness of the wrapper lingering.


The pepper settles down completely in the first third and an earthy leather note followed by a dark cherry sweetness become prominent with slight hints of chocolate in the background. The retrohale reveals the pepper but only tingles the sinuses and finishes with hints of cedar and earth. The smoke is rich and creamy.


The second third is dominated by woody / earthy notes with the sweet dark cherry becoming less prominent. The retrohale still exposes a slight pepper note that tingles the sinuses but leaves behind notes of coca and dark coffee.


The beginning of the final third is dominated by the same woody / earthy notes from the second third but the dark coffee and cocoa notes have become more potent lingering on the palate. The sweetness from the wrapper hasn’t changed a bit and the dark cherry note is faint but still detectable. The palate changes nearing the end of the final third with that cherry sweetness jumping forward and interlacing with the other notes.


The construction of this cigar is top notch. The burn line was razor thin and never required a touch up. It was smoked outside with a light breeze that tends to affect most cigars. The draw had a slight resistance but never hindered the experience. This was one of the longer smokes I’ve had in a while with the burn time coming in around 2 hours.


This was an amazingly constructed enjoyable med/full bodied full strength cigar. The palate was insanely enjoyable without being overpowering or boring. This was a special stick.

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