The Lampert 1675 Azul Toro

The Lampert 1675 Azul Toro

Lampert cigars was started by Dr. Stefan Lampert, and originally the concept began overseas in 2016. In the midst of the height of COVID-19, Lampert Cigars hit the US market. The arrival of Lampert in the US went very well and the brand is known pretty widely in boutique circles. The first line to be introduced is the 1675 Azul.


The 1675 Azul is blended and produced at Fabrica Agrotobacos in Condega, Nicaragua. Indiana Ortez does the blending honors. The multi origin blend consists of an Ecuadorian wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and filler tobaccos consisting of Peruvian ligero and Nicaraguan filler from the Jalapa and Condega regions.


The 1676 Azul is a medium bodied cigar. Being so, Lampert Cigars suggests to retrohale this cigar somewhat frequently. The blend isn’t extraordinary complex, nor does it evolve much. However the flavor profile is enjoyable- nuts, cedar, floral notes, and the woodiness which is reminiscent of certain Cuban Partagas blends are observed through the 1 hour smoke time.


The 1675 Azul comes in at a very fair price point, and can be found anywhere from 8-10 dollars each. Although I wasn’t wowed by the cigar, I would definitely recommend giving one a try. There was a Cubanesque note about the cigar that I really enjoyed. I haven’t experienced this in a New World cigar before- perhaps the Peruvian ligero in the blend lent itself to that.

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