The Deseret by Apostate Cigars

The Deseret by Apostate Cigars

Apostate Cigars is relatively new to the scene. During the Pandemic in 2020, co-founders Brandon Oveson and Kendrick Woolstenhulme wanted to make a premium cigar. The brand name “Apostate” is a nod to the pair’s previous ties with Mormonism (key word being previous). Cigar smoking, much less cigar production, isn’t exactly a highlighted activity in Mormon culture. Outside of rebellion, the Apostate brand also strives to represent community- after all, the brand was born out of Salt Lake’s very own Beehive cigars.


Having had a relationship with Jochy Blanco already, the two flew down to the DR and cranked out their first 3 blends at Tabacalera Palma. The Deseret is obviously the most visually striking of the first 3 blends. A Mexican San Andrés wrapper adorned with Ecuadorian Connecticut accent wrapper leaves make this cigar stand out. “Deseret” is a Mormon term for “Honeybee”, which translates to the cigar’s appearance. The bunch consists of a Dominican Piloto binder and Dominican/Nicaraguan fillers.


Even with a San Andrés Maduro wrapper, in my opinion the Deseret is medium in body and overall extremely approachable. “The Honeybee” lives up to its name, showing notes of honey, almonds, a mild cotton candy sweetness and body, and smooth pepper notes. Construction out of Tabacalera  Palma is on point throughout its one hour smoke time.


This 54 RG x 5 & 1/4 robusto really delivered at its 13 dollar price point. I would recommend this cigar to someone who wants to try a milder Maduro offering. If Apostate Cigars isn’t on your radar, they probably should be!

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