Product Spotlight: CigarMedics Humidimeter

Product Spotlight: CigarMedics Humidimeter

The Humidimeter from Cigarmedics is a patented that quickly and accurately gives you an easy to read digital readout of the relative humidity inside of your cigar. It can be used on cigars that are 38 RG and higher, which nowadays covers most of which are on the market. Most hygrometers measure the relative humidity of the air surrounding cigars in your humidor.

You may be asking yourself- “Why is this necessary? Who gives a shit?”

Well the answer lies in this fact- Did you know that cigars can take up to 2 to 3 weeks to acclimate to your humidor? When we say acclimate- we mean that it takes a while for the relative humidity, or moisture content of the cigar, to equalize to the relative humidity of your humidor. When ordering boxes and single cigars online, one can use the Humidimeter to give insight on where the condition of their cigars stand. It can also give insight to if your distributor uses decent storage methods, although shipping can expose cigars to a wide variety of conditions outside of your distributor's control.

The Humidimeter also can give you insight to if your cigar is ready to be smoked right off the truck. If your cigar reads 40% RH, maybe save yourself an unsatisfactory experience and let it rest, as tough as it might be to not indulge. I personally enjoy Cuban cigars at 60-65% RH, and new world varieties a little higher, around 65-70% RH.

We offer the Cigarmedics Humidimeter on our website, as well as the calibration standard and travel case for the meter itself. These products can be found in the "Cigar Health" section, under Accessories.
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