Le PÂTASSIER by Crowned Heads

Le PÂTASSIER by Crowned Heads

Crowned Heads has been putting out some good stuff. This cigar was released at PCA 2021 for retailers that attended the event.

Le PÂTASSIER ("The Baker" in French) checks a lot of personal boxes for me. Firstly, it is a lonsdale- the enxtendo carona. This size is often overlooked for the lancero and overshadowed by the Carona gorda. A great balance of filler to wrapper/binder ratio, and skinny enough to still feel all fancy like. Secondly, it is bandless- besides a cloth band at the foot of the cigar (is this why it was given a 76? Halfwheel must have lit this too). Thirdly, It is blended and produced at Tabacalera Pichardo- makers of Juarez, Mil Dias, and the CHC Serie E (Winners).

Le PÂTASSIER is a gorgeous, dark lonsdale at 6&1/2 inches x 44 RG. She is made up of Nicaraguan & Costa Rican fillers, binded in a Nicaraguan Jalapa, and wrapped in a dark, oily Connecticut Broadleaf from the USA. The cigar looks somewhat rustic. Le PÂTASSIER offers complexity in spades. Notes of baking spice, sourdough, cream, light cocoa, and light pepper drift in and out throughout the 1 hour smoke time. I have heard of construction issues with this cigar, but I didn’t experience them. Some minor touch ups were needed, but nothing to whine about.

When I first tried this cigar, I set out to purchase a box immediately. They are great now, and have legs to age. I am very interested to see how the flavors meld over time. A box of 20 can be found for 190-230$ on the American market.
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