La Madrina Natural by Dapper

La Madrina Natural by Dapper

After reviewing the “Unstolen Valor” by Muestra de Saka, I went on a search for other cigars blended and produced at NACSA- Nicaragua. American Cigars S.A. Having tried Dapper’s “Desvalido” with great success, it only made sense to try La Madrina- especially if produced under the supervision of Raul Disla of NACSA. “La Madrina” translates to “Godmother”- the label and box art of the blend symbolize a life and death motif, a homage to Día de Los Muertos.


The vitola of choice- yeah, you guessed it, the Carona gorda. Just feels so right. La Madrina is also offered in a Shade and Maduro variety, but the Natural was chosen here. The blend is well traveled and diverse. Fillers from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and the USA are binded in Mexican San Andres. The wrapper on the Natural is a Ecuadorian Habano. Having leaf of such diverse origin is an interesting draw as well.


La Madrina is medium bodied. The draw is perfect and construction is sound. Upon first light, and throughout the 1st third, I am overwhelmed by a leather profile. Dark damp leather is the main note, accompanied by slight pepper and peanut. Usually I like leather notes in a cigar, but this   One has a little funk to it. As the cigar develops, the profile loses its edges and develops into a nice enjoyable one trick pony. The complexities of the blend are almost wanting to jump out, but just can’t yet.

Part of me wonders if this bunch is better suited for a Maduro wrapper. The other part wonders if the blend just needs more age. In either case, I know Dapper is a good brand that is capable of putting out great sticks. At around 10 bucks per stick, It’s most definitely worth trying if you are a leather fanatic. In my case, I would probably point someone to the Maduro variety, as I think that this blend is better suited for a Maduro wrapper.

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Thanks for your work!!!! Some of these little reviews have shown me some new to me brands such as Dapper. I really liked the Madrina, especially in Maduro! Keep up the good work!

Grant Webber

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