La Colmena by Warped

La Colmena by Warped

La Colemna by Warped

I wanted to take a look at a cigar that really brought Warped cigars to the center stage of the premium cigar industry. Back in 2014, Warped released La Colmena, which is Spanish for “The Hive” or “The BeeHive”. La Colmena is rolled at the historic El Titan de Bronze in Miami, and is said to only have a maximum of 100 cigars produced per day. Category 9 rollers from Cuba, the highest grade of roller, are said to be the only rollers allowed to roll this particular cigar in the factory.

The cigar I picked up boxes of come in the Amado No. 44 Vitola, which stands at 5.4 inches x 44 RG. The blend is considered light-medium to my taste. The bunch of La Colmena consists of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler, binded with leaf out of Ecuador. The wrapper is an Ecuadorian Deflorada, which is a beautiful honey color- a touch darker than your typical Connecticut shade. The blend is said to be Inspired by the Custom Rolls out of Cuba, which immediately warrants my attention. Construction is spot on. One thing worth noting is that the pigtail cap featured on the cigar is more of the bigger, rigid type that I’ve personally never seen on anything coming out of Cuba. The cigar is an absolute pleasure to smoke. I took my time with La Colmena, and my patience was rewarded with notes of graham cracker, honey, creaminess, light latte, sweetness, and a touch of spice.

La Colmena really delivers. These cigars can usually be found for around 14-15 per cigar, which is somewhat pricey. Each box features the name of the roller who crafted your cigars, which I believe to be an amazing touch. The reasoning for that is most likely because they are rolled at El Titan, and rolled by the best. La Colmena is definitely box worthy, and would likely be best suited as a morning cigar with coffee, or as your first cigar of the day.
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