For The Love of The Leaf

For The Love of The Leaf

The act of smoking a cigar can mean a lot of different things to different people. For some occasional smokers, it can be a symbol of celebration at events- like weddings, achievements, or parties.

But for the every day smoker (guilty), it can be ritualistic, calming, and meditative. The first cigar I ever enjoyed was in fact on my wedding day. It was a counterfeit Cohiba Esplendidos, lol. After the wedding ceremony, a friend of mine handed me a cigar (I believe it was an Oscar Valladares) and told me to enjoy it on my honeymoon. My wife and I traveled abroad for our honeymoon, so it wasn't a relaxing trip per say. Having a little time to kill (And no accessories), I went to the hotel balcony. I bit the cap off, and sparked up the cigar. What also was sparked up that day was a love for cigars and the rituals that come with it.

These rituals are vast in the cigar community.

There are personal rituals, which may look like this:

Going through a hard day's work, looking forward to that hour or so of relaxation and meditation. After eating supper, opening that humidor and getting slapped in the face with the intoxicating aroma of our beloved sticks of tobacco. Picking the cigar- which cigar is worthy of being chosen for my attention? Getting settled in my place to smoke- whether that be on my back porch, my deck, or my smoke shack that i built on the side of my house (a winter must do). Cutting the cigar- Should i go with a straight cut, a V-cut, or a punch? Toasting the foot- Soft flame? Butane Torch? Smoking a cigar in the morning- pairing with that cup of coffee.

There can be social rituals among smokers, which may look like this:

When a fellow cigar smoker is visiting town, it is a must that I meet up with him to enjoy a cigar together. If I am in my city, I feel obliged to bring a cigar for him/her when we meet up. When at a cigar lounge, I usually bring a travel humidor or carry case. If i strike up a good conversation with a fellow smoker, I usually feel obliged to gift him a cigar he maybe hasn't tried before. The crazy thing is that I am not virtue signaling here. I have learned this behavior from fellow cigar smokers in different cities and social groups.

Cigar smoking is a beautiful act and a beautiful thing to take part in. The people you will meet and the connections you will make will enhance your life just as much as a great cigar will enhance your day!

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